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Phoenix Bean takes pride in providing you with the finest soy products. We now make products for sale as Phoenix Bean and Jenny's Tofu. Every day, we use select Illinois-grown whole soybeans and natural ingredients to produce fresh, flavorful, unpasteurized soymilk and tofu in small batches. We immediately chill and package each product in filtered water or vacuum packs to preserve the freshness for your enjoyment.

Our soymilk and tofu products are made exclusively with non-genetically modified soybeans with high-protein content grown specifically for our use. Our farmer calls these soybeans “Tofu Grade” and they are identity preserved (IP). In 2009, we began to raise our soybeans without the use of chemical and pesticides.

Our methods are simple. You will not see any fillers, additives, or preservatives in Phoenix Bean’s soymilk and tofu products. We hand select, wash and soak our whole soybeans every day before production. We use natural black volcanic stone to grind our cleaned and sprouted soybeans using local filtered water. Our products are naturally gluten free, lactose free, cholesterol free, and contain no trans fats.

Additionally, we are blessed by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. All of our ingredients, processes, kitchen, and building facilities are regularly certified by local rabbis. We are currently expanding our organic retail offerings with new Jenny's Tofu products.

All of us are challenged every day to eat tasty, affordable, and nutritious foods. We believe our soybean products can help support these goals in a sustainable diet. Our product lines includes different types of soymilk, tofus, and sprout products ready for your recipes. In addition, we make a number of prepared ready-to-eat tofu dishes available at our farmers markets, culinary events, and selected retailers. By providing a delicious variety of options, we hope it inspires you to incorporate soy products into your meals.

To learn more about our products and see what others are saying, visit our Tofu FAQ page.